Monday, January 9, 2017

Picture Scripture Chase – Alma 17

We've already learned the books in the Book of Mormon. Now we'll focus on what is found in each chapter. This will take time, but eventually the children will know what happens in every chapter of the Book of Mormon. You'll read a verse to them from anywhere in the book, and they will be able to find where the verse is found.

After learning the story of Ammon protecting King Lamoni's flocks at the Waters of Sebus, we gave them this picture to color. On the back side of the picture are the words found in Alma 17:19-39.

When we add another picture from a different story, You'll read a verse off the back of one of the pictures. The children will turn to the picture that goes along with the verse. This gets really fun as more and more scripture stories are added to their scrapbook. It's a picture scripture chase.

When they find the correct picture, tell them the chapter and verses that go along with the picture. Eventually they will be telling you the chapters and verses.

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