Monday, January 16, 2017

Book of Mormon Beanbag Toss

We live in a competitive culture, but Zion is a society of cooperation. While studying the Book of Mormon we want to encourage cooperation instead of competition.

Book of Mormon Beanbag Toss

Ages: Elementary Children

Materials: beanbags, balls, or some other object you can throw; three baskets; Books of Mormon; questions to Book of Mormon Trivia; paper & pencil

Objective: As a family, earn 50 points during scripture game time

Setup: Place three baskets different distances from the throwing line. The closest basket is worth one point, the next basket is worth 2 points, and the farthest basket is worth 3 points. If your baskets are different sizes, the smallest basket is placed farthest from the throwing line.

How to Play:
  • Level #1 Have a child read a verse from the Book of Mormon. Then Mom/Dad asks a question that goes along with verse. The child reading the verse has the first option to answer the question. If needed, they can ask another team player for help. If there is more than one question for the verse, have other team members answer the other questions.
  • Now it's time to score. The child reading the verse gets 3 beanbags, and anyone who helps answer questions gets 3 beanbags. Everyone with beanbags goes to the throwing line and scores points for the family. They count up their points in the baskets and make tally marks on the score card for points scored.
  • Continue playing until the family scores 50 points and then scripture game time is over.
  • Level #2: After they have successfully played the game and are familiar with the questions & answers, have them answer the questions without reading the verses.
  • Level #3: When the children are successful at level #2, mix up the order of the questions from the chapter.
  • Level #4 When the children are successful at level #3, combine questions from different chapters. Always give them the chapter number, so they have context for the questions.
*Feel free to adjust the rules to fit your family. You may add or change questions to help your child see what is being asked or to give greater understanding to a verse.

Our teenagers go to school 1 ½ hours before our elementary children. We play scripture games in the morning after the big kids leave for school.

Benefits of Scripture Game Time for Young Children:
  • The game helps develop their reading and comprehension skills. If there is a verse they don't understand, take time to discuss the meaning of the verse before moving on.
  • The children are awake and alert during the entire scripture game.
  • They are searching the scriptures for answers and looking carefully at the verses.
  • They are excited when they find answers.
  • There is success for everyone, and its okay to ask for help.
  • They look forward to playing a game with Mom or Dad everyday.
  • It's fun, but when they reach 50 points the game is over. They are not ready to stop, and are excited to come back to the game tomorrow.

Don't play the same game everyday. It keeps things interesting. We will be posting other games ideas. You can use the Book of Mormon Trivia Questions with many different types of activities.

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