Friday, January 6, 2017

Children Reenact Ammon Protects Lamoni's Flock

Children love to be in plays. On Sunday, we had some friends over to eat dinner and join us in a gospel discussion. While the adults talked downstairs in the family room, the children put together a play based on the story in Alma 17:19-39.

The children sat around the Living Room while we told them the story of Ammon protecting Lamoni's flocks at the Waters of Sebus. Some of the children knew the story, most did not.

After hearing the story, everyone decided which role they wanted to play. We had Ammon, King Lamoni, King Lamoni's daughters, King Lamoni's servants, sheep, and Lamanite robbers.

We read a few verses out of the scriptures and then filmed them while they acted out the story. We only filmed a small section at a time, so they didn't have to remember the entire story. Most of the footage is their first run through. The idea is not to have it perfect, but to have a lot of fun and learn the story. We have children of all ages, so keeping it fast paced helps keep everyone's attention.

Enjoy the show!

The children love to watch the video of themselves over and over again. We included the original text from the Book of Mormon, so they would learn the scriptures while watching the video.

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