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Book of Mormon Trivia – Alma 47

In addition to making movies and creating picture books, we play Book of Mormon Trivia to help our children become familiar with the stories in the Book of Mormon. We've been playing Book of Mormon Beanbag Toss and Book of Mormon Puzzler using these questions.

Have the children read the verse aloud from the scriptures. This will help them in their ability to read scriptures. Then have them answer the questions. They get game privileges for reading the verse and for answering questions. Help them understand the question and/or verse if they need help.

We usually do this before school with three of our children who are five, seven, and nine. This is Emma's (age 5) first week joining us for scripture game time.

Alma Chapter 47 Questions

Verse 1

Who is this chapter about?
Why did Amalickiah flee into the wilderness? (Alma 46:29-33)
Where did Amalickiah and his small group go after leaving the Nephites?
What did Amalickiah do when he came to live among the Lamanites?
What did the king send throughout all his land?
Why did the king want to go to battle against the Nephites?

Verse 2

How did the Lamanites feel about the proclamation of the king?
What are the two things they were afraid of?
Why didn't the Lamanites want to go to battle against the Nephites?
Did most of them choose to displease the king or go to battle?

Verse 3

How did the king feel about the Lamanites disobedience?
What did the king command Amalickiah to accomplish with the obedient Lamanites?

Verse 4

Who gave the king the idea to use the obedient part of the army to compel the disobedient Lamanites to arms?
What was Amalickiah's plan?

Verse 5

After gaining command of the king's obedient army, what did Amalickiah plan to do with those who weren't obedient to the king?
Where did the disobedient Lamanites flee to?
Why did the disobedient Lamanites flee to Onidah?
What was another name for Onidah?

Verse 6

Who was led the Lamanites who would not fight?
What was their determined resolution?

Verse 7

Where did the disobedient Lamanite armies go to escape the king wrath?
What were these Lamanites prepared to do?

Verse 8

Did Amalickiah plan to obey the commands of the king?
What did Amalickiah want to gain with the armies of the Lamanites?
Why did Amalickiah want to gain favor with the armies?
What did Amalickiah plan to do with the king?

Verse 9

Which mount did the rebel Lamanites flee to?
Where did Amalickiah have the army pitch their tents?

Verse 10

During the night, who did Amalickiah send into the mount?
What was the name of the leader of disobedient Lamanites?
What did Amalickiah want Lehonit to do?

Verse 11

When Lehonti received Amalickiah's message, did he go down the mount to meet Amalickiah?
How many times did Amalickiah send a message to Lehonti asking him to come down to the foot of the mount to speak to him?

Verse 12

What did Amalickiah do when he found that he could not get Lehonit to come down from off the mount?
Where did Amalickiah go?
How many total times did Amalickiah send for Lehonti?
Who did Amalickiah tell Lehonti to bring with him so he felt safe?

Verse 13

Did Lehonti finally come down to speak with Amalickiah?
What did Amalickiah want to tell Lehonti?
What did Amalickiah give Lehonti?
What position did Amalickiah want?

Verse 14

What did Lehonti and his men do in the night while Amalickiah's army slept?

Verse 15

What did the king's army do when they saw that they were surrounded?
What did they plead with Amalickiah to do?
What were they afraid of?
How did Amalickiah feel about this situation?

Verse 16

What did Amalickiah do with the obedient part of the king's army?
What did the king want Amalickiah to do with the obedient army?
Why did Amalickiah want to deliver up the obedient part of the king's army to Lehonti?
What was Amalickiah's plan?

Verse 17

If the chief leader was killed, who became the new chief leader?
Why do you think Amalickiah wanted to be the second leader over the armies?

Verse 18

Who killed Lehonti?
How did Amalickiah's servant kill Lehonti?

Verse 19

Who did the Lamanites appoint as their leader and chief commander after Lehonti died?

Verse 20

Was Amalickiah's plan working for him?
What did Amalickiah do after he became the leader of the Lamanite armies?
What was the name of the chief city of the Lamanites?
What was the name of the land of the Lamanites?

Verse 21

Who did the king bring with him when he went out to meet Amalickiah?
When the king saw Amalickiah and the armies, what did he suppose?
Did the king have any reason not to trust Amalickiah? Explain
What was the king planning to do with so great an army?

Verse 22

Who did Amalickiah send forth to meet the king?
What did the servants do when they came before the king?
Why did the servants bow before the king?

Verse 23

Why did the king put forth his hand?
Where did the Lamanites get this custom?
What did this gesture mean?

Verse 24

What happened when the king raised Amalickiah's servant from the ground?
What happened to the king?

Verse 25

What did the king's servants do after the king was killed?

Verse 26

What did Amalickiah do after the king was killed?
Who did Amalickiah blame for the death of the king?

Verse 27

What did Amalickiah have the army do after the king was killed?
What did the armies see?
What did Amalickiah pretend?
What did Amalickiah say to the army after they saw the king lying dead?
What did Amalickiah want the army to do with the kings' servants?

Verse 28

When those who loved the king heard Amalickiah, what did they do?
Why were they pursuing the servants of the king?

Verse 29

What did the king's servants do when they saw the army pursuing them?
Where did they go?

Verse 30

Did the armies catch the king's guards?
Why did the Lamanites trust Amalickiah?

Verse 31

After Amalickiah had the king killed, what did he do?
What does it mean to take possession of the city?

Verse 32

Who told the Queen that the king was dead?
What lies did Amalickiah tell the Queen about the king's death?

Verse 33

When the queen received the message from Amalickiah,what did she do?
Why was the queen asking Amalickiah to spare the people of the city?
What three things did the queen desire of Amalickiah?
Why did the queen want Amalickiah to bring witnesses with him?

Verse 34

Who did Amalickiah take as his witnesses?
What did these witnesses tell the queen?
How did these witnesses use the king's servants escape into the wilderness to witness against them?
Did the queen think everyone was telling the truth?

Verse 35

What did Amalickiah do with the queen?
How did Amalickiah obtain the kingdom of the Lamanites?
Which peoples are considered part of the Lamanites?

Verse 36

What did the Nephite dissenters have that the Lamanites did not?
After the Nephite dissenters left the Nephites, how did their wickedness compare with the Lamanite's wickedness?
What happens when someone forgets the Lord after having knowledge of the Lord?
How are the Nephite dissenters described in this verse?

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