Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Scripture Picture Book– 3 Nephi 11

Children love a good story. The Book of Mormon has some of the best stories I know. It's full of suspense, marvelous manifestations, family challenges, secret plots, miracles, war, life lessons, and a walk with God.

Sometimes we feel like we need to simplify the original words for children, but much of the rich content is lost when we do this.

Children love to look at the pictures when we read together, so we created a simple picture book using the words from 3 Nephi 11 and some Google images.

Our little five year old has taken the greatest interest in reading the Ether 3 Scripture Picture Book. She is so excited for a new scripture picture book. Over the last month, she has learned to read Ether 3 all by herself and has read it many times.

If you want to use this book, here's how to put it together:
  • First copy page 2 on the back of page 1, page 3 on the back of page 4, page 5 on the back of page 6, page 7 on the back of page 8, and page 9 on the back of page 10. The pictures are formatted to fit on an 8.5"x 11" sheet of paper.
  • Make sure the papers are stacked in the correct order.
  • While stacked fold the 8.5”x 11” papers in half.
  • Open up your book and put a couple staples down the middle crease.
  • Your book is ready to read.
  • Note: The Doctrine of Christ is written inside the front cover

Take time to stop and talk about what you've read to make sure your child understands the passage. Have them tell the story back to you in their own words. Talk about words they might not understand. It's okay to paraphrase parts of the story to help them understand the story line, but eventually you'll want to read the words as printed in the book.

Reading the Book of Mormon also helps develop the reading skills of young readers.

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